IELTS Test is now available at Wall Street English Ratu Plaza. Each year, more than 1,4 million candidates enroll in this test in order to pursue higher education or career enhancement. IELTS standard is formally recognized by more than 6000 institutions in 120 countries worldwide. It has became a standard for English assessment for students who wants to pursue internationally accredited educations
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About Wall Street English

Social Club Activities

Relax, make friends and chat at our spacious Social Club Activities. With different activities being run everyday, and fun outdoor trips, the Social Club Activities is a fun place to practice speaking English.

Teacher Feedback

Our native English speaking teachers, and personal tutors will follow your progress every step of the way providing advice and encouragement.

The Village

The Village is communications among students of Wall Street around the world, a great place to strengthen your English, and expand your social circle to the international level

Unlimited Access

Students can come to the Centre as often as they want with absolutely no time limit. The Speaking Centre is always open and available for study.

Flexible Study Hours

We make it easy for you to study whenever you want. The Centre is open everyday, and students only need to book an Encounter or a Complementary Class when they are ready,according to their own schedule.

Limited student quantity for each class

Whole students of Wall Street English enjoy the class that only has 4 students per Encounter Class , 8 students for Complimentary Class.