What we offer

Learning English is not just about sitting down in a classroom paying attention to the lesson delivered by the teacher. We offer a membership of an English experience more than what you can imagine.


The confidence to break down language barriers and change your future.


An environment that allows us to be part of a winning community and to be able to build a strong network.


Bring the students closer, therefore, open the door of opportunity for a better future.

Your journey begins with our blended learning method.

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” – Andre Gide, French author and Nobel prize winner for literature


The Global English Training Company

Wall Street English with more than 45 years of experience, has established more than 460 learning centers in 28 countries and become one of the most successful English language training centers in the world.


Years of experience and development









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Why Choose Wall Street English?


Small Class

Our classes are kept small, so you have more interaction with our highly trained teachers. Students in each class are at the same level of English, so you have the shared experience of learning English with people just like you.


Flexible Schedule

Our program fits into your busy life. You can study your courses any time of day, and you can take your classes at a time that suits your schedule. You can access your courses online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


English Spoken Environtment

Only English is spoken in our centers. From the moment you step through our door, English surrounds you.


Qualified English Teachers

Our teachers are highly trained and certified. They can help you learn to speak English, to use it properly in all types of situations, and can motivate you to achieve your goals.


Personalized Attention

Our staff is there to guide you through your journey of learning English. Each student works with a Personal Tutor as they progress through their course.


Global Community

With nearly 200,000 students and 2,000,000 alumni in 28 countries across the globe, we offer an online community of students and alumni that you can meet and engage with as you work toward your common goals of learning English and changing your future.

What do they think of us?
Testimonial Photo

Wall Street English is so cool, I am able to boost my confidence level by having conversation with fellow WSE students. Although my level is still in Survival 3, I don’t feel shy because in WSE you are encouraged to converse in English with everybody in the center. Im very motivated because it has always been my dream to be fluent in English.

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I decided to study at Wall Street English Paris Van Java. Here in Wall Street English, my self-confidence has increased up to 90% within 2 weeks time, especially in my speaking skills. I believe that when I want to learn something, I should learn from the best, most trusted and a highly recommended place. I can finally impress my friends that now I'm able to speak English confidently.

Testimonial Photo

After joining Wall Street English, my English skill has improved, mainly in grammar, report writing and communication skills. When I came face to face with my big boss who was a foreigner, I became more confident to speak with him directly.
The environment in Wall Street English helps me improve my English significantly.

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I have been studying English at Wall Street English Alam Sutera for six months and as time goes by I feel more interested and excited in learning English.
Wall Street English has an interesting method to teach English. Beside the flexibility in time of learning, the teachers have a unique way in teaching and they are very friendly and always appreciate the students in everything they do.
The experience that I got from Wall Street English is incredible and invaluable.

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Contact us for more information (021) 750 7878/(022) 8778 4455

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